Monday, August 24, 2009

death by cupcake.

that is how the obituary will read next week after i die while making 300+ cupcakes for a wedding next weekend. i'm sure it will turn out...i may have a nervous breakdown or 2 but i'll live. so if you're wondering why i am not blogging chances are i'm up to my elbows in cake and frosting!

wish me luck!


  1. Dont worry Mom. If you have a break down i will be right there for you, laughing a little bit at the mess we will no doubt cause and the sight we will be, but none the less there....just dont drop your phone in these ones.... :P

  2. careful; she'll dump the mop bucket over when you're cleaning it up... be careful.

  3. Can i be with you in the cake and frosting?? We could have some fun together if you know what I mean??