Saturday, August 29, 2009

cupcake magic

i have a magic wand. (shhh don't tell anyone) it can take all of this:
and turn it into this:
and then eventually it all looks like this:
anthony's brother got married and it was beautiful. oh and anthony preformed the ceremony it was the best wedding i've ever been to!
the reception was a lot of fun...and it's nice that my boys are so charming because other people are willing to run around with them (thanks becca!)
and they seemed to like the cake :)
surprisingly the cupcakes were made & delivered with very little problems. i am so relieved.


  1. Good job babe. You made cupcakes ex nicrisco (out of crisco) I am so proud.

  2. They look beautiful! Now i am hungry.

  3. becki you are so friggin talented i would never have been able to do that!

    looked great!!

    ps how did you get so many plastic carrying things hah.