Sunday, August 16, 2009


solomon finally finished swimming lessons!! he loved it and did such a good job!
the "beaver" dive!

the crawl stroke

and of course, play time!

he got 8/9 on his "report card"

and then i just love this picture. this is how solomon spends a saturday. watching a movie (the headphones are for my sanity) and eating a spectacular lunch made with love by his daddy! (those are sandwiches with pringles stuck in the top of them!)

solomon, moses & i are leaving bright and early in the morning for 4 fun filled days on whidby island. so i may not blog for a few days. but i'll be back with lots of pictures of all of our beachy, crafty, sunshiny good times.


  1. That's my big boy. He sure is growing fast!

  2. solly is amazing!! and ummm i think he is now probably a better swimmer than i am!!

    ps those sandwiches look oh so funny!