Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers day 2009

i must say that i love mothers day. i have the best boys in the world (and that includes jake) after sleeping in, they surprised me with beautiful pictures, flowers, a mug, a bug stuffed animal & lots of candy. they also made me a perfect lunch; barbecue chicken, baked beans & corn bread...and then they even did the dishes and served me up some yummy strawberry shortcake (that solomon made ALL BY HIMSLEF!!)! i am one lucky mama!! and if my camera was working i would take pictures of all my wonderful gifts and share them with you.
and now at the last minuet we've been invited to have dinner and s'mores with some of our favorite people!! what a great day this has turned out to be!!!

i feel blessed to be a mom of such wonderful little boys and so lucky to have a wonderful husbad!!


  1. i wish blogspot had a like button.

  2. that sounds like a wonderful day! happy mother's day.