Saturday, May 23, 2009

bows, to the mall, rehursal and then...ER?

yesterday i tried to be as helpful as i could with wedding things...not so much for the happy couple but more for my mom's sanity. so i went out to my mom's house to pick up some bow and take them to the church.
no the easter bunny didn't throw up in my car those are the bows

and here they are in place
then the boys and i were off to the mall to pick up a shirt for jake to wear to the wedding. we stopped off at mcdonald's drive through for some food and while we were waiting in the drive through i noticed a geek squad car in the parking lot and i pointed it out to solly and said "oh maybe it's chuck" so after getting our food then parking to eat we were on our way when i few miles down the road i noticed something in my rear view mirror
that's right! a spy in his geek squad car!
i felt like i was in an episode of chuck!!!
after the mall we were off to the rehearsal.
solly just learned that if he does good he gets a present!
"oh i could get a video game"

the manly side.
from left-right: brother andy (groom), my brother matthew, solly, brother-in-law scotty, sisters boyfriend colin, and then ruthie's (the bride) brother micha
the onlookers
my mom, rachie, and chiara
ruthie and her dad.
they are like two goofy peas in a pod!
then we went over to frankie's for some pizza (you can kinda see some people behind my sisters big head) there were about 35 of us there...we were quite the sight!
after dinner. we went home eager to see jake and get to bed. but as soon as we got home moses was non-stop crying and was obviously not feeling good. after 2 try's we got him in bed and he slept for about an hour or so. then he woke up screaming harder :( so i tried driving around with him, that always seems to help. but, NOT this time. so we headed to the ER. after an hour or so we found out that he had a double ear infection and tonsillitis. but they gave him ibuprofen and he started feeling better in no time. so after some antibiotics and apple juice we were on our way...after midnight which meant it was technically jakes birthday.
yuck, what an awful day! today is the wedding, OH and since moses is contagious for another 14 hours or so he will not be attending the wedding. but solly has to be there at 1 for pictures :/ it sunday yet?

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  1. haha i showed my grandma the bows and told her what you said she laughed.

    you're gonna have such a blast at the wedding hahaaa.

    35 people holy crap that's a lot!!!

    which video game?

    the first time i read it i thought it said 14 days haaa i was like WOW-AH!

    i hope he starts to feel mega better har har (: