Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one proud mama!!

after much debating solly decided he wanted to go to the end of the year award night for awana. i prepared him thoroughly for the fact that he would not be getting an award. he started late in the year and he hasn't completed any whole section in his book. so he was ready. we went and he couldn't find a buddy to sit next to and decided to just sit in the nursery with me. about half way through (when i was about to call it a night and go home) someone comes and says "solomon is receiving a special award, you might want to get him out there!!" so we ran out there and sure enough the welcomed him on to the stage where they gave him a big trophy (not that big, but huge to him!) the award was for "best example" apparently the leaders from each group vote for the kids that they thought was the "best example"(how cool is that??) so he stood on the stage (in his socks) all by himself and waved at the crowd with a smile stretching from ear to ear with his big trophy.
just as he walked down from the stage i realized my camera was in my purse (dang it!) so as soon as we got home we got a picture of my boy
i've got to say a mama couldn't ask for her boy to get a better award! jake and are very proud of our boy and we hope that he continues to be a good example!

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  1. thats bigger than any of my trophies!!

    yay solly!!!!