Saturday, May 30, 2009

we're goin' on a troll hunt

today we went to seattle and accidentally on purpose found the troll under the fremont bridge. so we found a parking out...looked up and saw this:
then we hiked 3 or 4 blocks uphill and found ourselves a troll :)
rose and solly climbed up and peeked up his nose. (the retarded woman in the picture is part of a group that was there rehearsing a play. they made it impossible to get a good picture from the's was infuriating!!!)
me and my boys with our new buddy the troll...i gotta say, the profile is NOT the best shot for him!
then we found j.p. patches. my boys made their goofiest faces.
before we went to seattle we went to the mall, while we were there we found a photo booth and got some pretty amazing pictures of the 4 of us.

big smiles

goofy faces!

everybody wave your hands!

and finally BIG CHEESE!!

we had a great day. we even wrapped up the evening with a game of badminton (my new favorite past time)
tomorrow we're having a BIRTHDAY PAR-TAY for rose!!! it's should be fun!!!

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  1. Awww man! I always seem to miss you guys! And you were like five minutes from SPU!