Saturday, May 16, 2009

good times

friday was the "entertainment night" fundraiser at church. it was a blast! a few of my favorite people had a lot to do with it (anfuny, becca, rose, sarah...just to name a few) i think that moses is in love with anthony's musical capabilities! if anthony was singing or playing the guitar, moses had his eyes fixed on him and was in complete awe! it was pretty cute. we had a great time! rose drove over to see us on friday and joined us at the church. it's always good to see my bff rose! she stayed the night and today we took the boys to the mall. we just really wanted some chocolate covered gummy bears (it was so worth the drive) but while we were there i found a dress to wear to my brothers wedding next week (that was no small miracle for me)
but now rose has gone home, i feel like barfing after tanning (weird napping while being really hot is NOT a good combo) and tomorrow i will have an extra 1 1/2 year old in the house (ALL DAY) but i am hoping to make it over to becca's tomorrow after church for a little lunch party (i'll be sure to get all kinds of pictures of that :D)
so that's about it....sorry it's not more exciting...better luck tomorrow.

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  1. what happened to the i feel old blog it won't let me read it.

    i miss you guys already!
    e night was prettyyyy entertaining! haha get it.

    i forgot about you having the baby over how was that??

    your dress was sooo CUTE!