Wednesday, September 2, 2009

funny hubby

my crazy hubby has a funny way of cheering me up...and he doesn't even know it. he came home from work and wanted his new favorite to eat...

a can of nally chili with 2 hot dogs cut up with cheese on top:

who eats crap like that? my man! and i love him!!


  1. that is too much flavor at once!
    and umm that dish looks friggin huge.

    jake be crazy

  2. That actually looks really good! Sometimes I think that maybe Jake and Phil would get along. I love my hubby too. And now that I'm not working he says that I have to decide what to have for dinner every night. Bah, I hate deciding. Thanks for faithfully commenting on my blog and such. I don't always find time to write back but I love that you do. Thanks for all the well wishes and I'll try and post a new belly pic soon.