Monday, September 28, 2009

a rough week

so, in the past 6 days i've gone through 80 ibuprofen...don't worry i've done the math for you that's an average of 13 a day...and the worst part is i only took 4 yesterday so that brings the average up to 15 a day. but i badgered the dentist in to calling in a prescription for antibiotics on saturday evening and then made jake detour on his way home form working 11 hours to pick it up. after 8 hours of being on the antibiotics i was already feeling better...and then came the flu.
so if you were to look next to my kitchen would think that an old person lived in my house...cause it looks like this:
but my hunky hubby took such good care of me. so when he got home from work today i had a the house clean and dinner on the table (ok the coffee table, but whatever) i know, i know it's my job...but i wasn't able to do my job for the past few days. it was nice to be able to "work" again.
p.s. i love my job.
oh, and don't worry, i'm done talking about how crappy me week was. i'm looking forward to a better week.


  1. :( haha you counter does look like an old person lives there it reminds me of my great grandma's hahaa. sorry not funny. but sorta..

    haha i love that you thought to take a picture of your special dinner it made me laugh. i would do the same thing no worries.

    but i really do hope this week is better. because um i think it's about time things turn around for you! kinda mega seriously ;)

  2. Oh how I love weeks like that:) So glad you are feeling better!