Thursday, September 17, 2009

reasons why i like today:

#1 IT'S A BOY!!! my kaydee found out today that she is having a bouncing baby boy!

#2 rose is here for visit!!!

#3 jake had the WHOLE day off (may not be good for the paycheck, but i love having him around)

#4 i found something to take away my toothache...and it's perfectly legal

#5 moses did NOT throw up on me (for the first time in 4 days)

#6 i am in love with the pen i stole from the mac store this morning!

#7 i got cotton candy today...from disneyland!

#8 did i mention rose is here?!?!

#9 i don't need an ipod...cause my husband makes 'beautiful' music for me all day long

#10 cause it's favorite day of the week!


  1. haha i love your list!!


    numba 9 made me laugh bah haaa

  2. Those all sound like great reasons to love a Thurday!