Thursday, September 24, 2009

homemade goodness!

so, solomon planted carrot seeds back in the spring and now we have a plethora of carrots. when we pulled a bunch he (of course) decided he wanted to make carrot cake.
when he got home from school today i was ready. carrots shredded [√] pans powdered [√] dry mix [√] everything else measured [√] so solly got to crack eggs and mix everything together (for a 6 year old...he's a master egg cracker!)
watching it all mix up
so even though i had homegrown carrots...i cheated and bought a can of cream cheese frosting. (i know, i know. but i just didn't want to bother)
little solly homemaker!
all done! well, almost...
...solly's final touch. a carrot
(with a bite taken out of it)
so after dinner it was time to try it. and let me tell you, i was not expecting it to be that good. i'm not much of a carrot cake kinda gal. and most cakes & breads i make from scratch turn out too dry. but this cake was wonderful so moist, so good. the only thing i regret is not making my own frosting. it would've been magnificent!
and the boys loved it too
ah, sweet baking success.


  1. That cake was ummm...ummmm good!!!

  2. aww cute pictures!
    that cake looks soooo goood!

  3. How amazing, growing your own veggies...I love it and then turning it into something even better!