Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my awful day!

i have had a toothache for over a week...and last night it got to be TOO MUCH! i have NEVER in my life been in that much pain before! (i have have given birth NATURALLY twice!) so this morning the pain totally moved to another tooth...a tooth that has been broken for about 6 month. so the dentist and i decided that it had to come out...TODAY
so, it's gone:

& gross looking!
(sorry it's blurry)
anthony brought me a card...and it made me laugh (witch hurt by the way) but it was very nice of him. he signed it "your son, anthony" so solly decided that was a good idea...
...so he made his own card to give me. (notice it says love, your son <---solly) i have good kids.
oh, and here's the worst part...
my dinner:
oh well, at least i got something in me. i might even try some soup later...but we'll see.

thanks to everyone with the well wishes, advice and prayers.

i am feeling much better...and hopefully i can get the rest of the work done on my teeth so that this doesn't happen again...EVER.


  1. :( that looks painful!!!

    anthony's card made me laugh!!
    but solly's card made me laugh and umm giggle?

    your dinner doesn't look so fantastic but you're right it's something.. what's the stuff in the coke class?

    i am soo happy you feel better!!

  2. the stuff in the coke glass is odwalla superfood...something that i'm pretty sure you would NEVER go near...EVER.

  3. I love odwalla superfood, it looks gross but is really good! Praying your mouth feels better soon!

  4. You should tell everyone how you whined and moaned and complained and how your amazing husband took care of you the whole, entire time!