Saturday, March 21, 2009

i got even more done!!

that's right i did it...i got even more done today. when jake got home i made him help me put up my curtain rod in the living room (it's a little odd, but i like it). jake did a wonderful job. and then we got a bunch more books unpacked. that was pretty fun because i found my old capernwray & kent view year if i could just find our enumclaw year books. i also did the dishes AND started the dishwasher...which i usually forget to start. now it's only 10:20 and i want to go to bed. jake and i are feeling pretty old (and fat) after seeing some old pictures of ourselves.

oh well, my house is starting to look like a home :D yay! (that's right jake "yay" get over it)


  1. is yay not the cool thing to say??

  2. who is feeling old and fat? I just feel old, and because of the oldness setting in I look fat....