Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm lost without a washer...

that's right, my washer broke down. for those of you who may not know. i do a LOT of laundry and i (most of the time) love to do it. but of course the washer that was in our unit when we moved is NOT working. but technically it's our responsibility because the landlady found this washer and dryer for free because we didn't have a washer. so now i have 2 loads of wet laundry and about 4 loads of unwashed laundry to do. this means i might have to take a trip out to my moms...sigh.

my weird landlady DID however jump right to work and get a whole new hot water heater when jake went over and told her that ours was only giving us 20 min of hot water at a time. so this afternoon her and her weird sons installed a new one. so i am thankful for that.

to make my day even better...for some reason i volunteered to make cupcakes for sollys class for st. patty's day. and i made plans with his teacher to bring them in at 1:45 today. jake was SUPPOSE to be home during that time so that mojo could continue to nap...but NO his jackass of a "lead" needed him to meet with him for no good reason. so i had to wake moses up from his nap and take him to a school with 40 cupcakes in tow. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! so now i am being punished by him. he is doing everything that he can think of to get into trouble. what a stinker!!

oh yes, and it was also my morning to babysit at church during bible study. luckily there were not very many kids. but still its almost never a good time. and do you ever have those days where you just feel like you can't get yourself to shut up no matter how annoying you sound in your head(and i'm sure to other people as well)?? well it was one of those days, at least this morning. i'm sure my fellow babysitters were thinking "jeez switch to decaf woman!" oh well. i'm starting to feel like this blog is a little like me this morning...rambling with no real point.

maybe i should switch to decaf!

i still have a TON of boxes to go through in my garage AND storage unit....ugh i need a babysitter just so i can get things done in my own house. thank goodness for solly! he has brains enough to put in a move for moses and now he is totally spaced out!! ahhhhh peace...at least for a moment!

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  1. your crazy! that was a super busy day! i would have been freakin! hahaa i doubt the babysitter people would have thought anything of it if some other person were talking but you like never really talk a ton so they were probably caught of guard haha.
    atleast its over except for the washer part..