Sunday, March 29, 2009

snow + birthday = :(

the last thing i ever wanted for my birthday was snow...but i got it anyways (well a day early...but still)
3/28/09 3:34pm

3/28/09 4:19

not the view i was hoping for on my birthday morning.
3/29/09 9:02am

but later in the day, thanks to the BEAUTIFUL started to melt...yay
3/29/09 6:22pm


so today after a minor meltdown. jake and the boys took me out for chinese food and then after i got to do some shopping (just the craft store and target...but that's enough for me!!)
i got some new reading glasses at target & i love them!!

then i got to go home and spend some time with my silly boy while jake and moses took naps

my birthday wasn't anything glorious but it was a good day and i LOVED that it was sunny for most of the day :) just look at these beautiful clouds and blue sky!!!

oh and chiara, my "sister", stopped my today and gave me the coolest gift!! this book full of cute cupcake and how to make them & some cake decorating bags & tips. i love it. she always knows just what to get me :)

1 comment:

  1. your yard looks a lot better!
    love you glasses.
    solly cracks me up.
    we didn't get sunshine etc yesterday it was gloomy and super windy so i'm happy you got sunshine!
    and brittany totally got annie that book for her birthday!!! it's sooooo cool!!