Saturday, March 28, 2009

well, they tried... crazy family reluctantly threw me a birthday party for me today. it was nice to hang out with some of them. it would've been nice if my brother and his fiancee were not wrapped around each other(they are like braided's awkward). and it's not like i was expecting a ton of "loot" but here's what i got
  • $50 gift card to buy jeans
  • $40 cash
  • $20 cash
  • my cheesecake birthday "cake" was a "present"
  • a jelly bean pooping pig w/extra jelly beans
  • a card
so far the only presents that i have gotten to actually open are the ones that rose sent me (i love you rose) but jake did get me something that i REALLY wanted yesterday (season 1 of grey's to go with the season 2 that rose sent me)

oh well i know that i shouldn't complain. plus i have another 2 days of birthday coming up. maybe those will be better.

but thank you to jake and rose for putting thought into my gifts and getting me things that you knew i would like!! i love you guys!!!


  1. love you too becki!!
    another two days??
    are you doing something monday??
    who got you the pooper thing?
    that is really strange.
    yay new jeans though!!

  2. anna got me the pooping pig

    monday judy is coming over to take me shopping

    yeah that's cause andy texted me and asked what i wanted so i was spacific about were to get a gift card for jeans :)

    oh, and chiara is bring me a present tomorrow

  3. where are you gettin your jeans at??
    yay for shopping with judy!!

  4. don't make fun of me but i get my jeans at fred meyer. while i am still fat i just buy levis.

  5. i think you should get them at pac sun or eagle that's were merrissa gets hers

  6. those jeans are a little too low for my muffin top :/ maybe in a couple more months