Thursday, March 19, 2009

falling off the wagon...sorta & other random thought

so i've been on the "ashley diet" (no pop & no eating after 7pm) for 2 months. it has worked great i lost 20lbs. but since i have moved i have had one to may orange fanta's & grape soda's...i actually miss drinking water. so i think later today i need to go buy some bottle water and get re-hydrated!! i have been REALLY good about not eating past 7. even when jake is offering me cupcakes at 10 o'clock at night (JERK). so i don't feel like a total failure.

i also need to get busy cleaning out my garage so that i can use my elliptical machine that is burred somewhere in there. that would really help. oh i need to go tanning too. because i know that the warm weather is closer than i think and before you know it i'm gonna be wanting to wear shorts...and i don't want to blind anyone.

besides those things i have a lot of other things to do today. like get these damn toys outta my living room and find places for them in the boy's closet. i am beginning to HATE toys. the weather is suppose to be good this weekend but i don't know if i'm quite ready for a garage sale. maybe i should just GET ready huh?

OOOHHH yes, a few days ago one of jakes moronic students gave him a bag of 12 goldfish before they went on their drive....gurrrr. solly and moses LOVE the fish but what the heck?!?! now i have a stinky bowl full of fish that needs to be cleaned and i had to find food for them. to top it all off now that they are eating...they are POOPING!!! fish are gross. oh well it's really cute when moses watches them swim around. oh yeah, and of course after having to ride in the back of a drivers ed car for a few hours and then ride all the way home they were quite traumatized so the next morning i had 2 dead fish to deal with (jake wanted me to put them down the garbage disposal...isn't that SICK!!!) they went in the garbage. so we're down to 10 goldfish!

still no luck finding a washing machine. but i did get my laundry done at my moms yesterday so i have a few more days to look for a washer. keep your fingers crossed.

i really need to find my camera and cord & figure out how to put them on this stupid "new" computer of ours(i kinda hate mac's...except that it makes me feel like carrie bradshaw HAHA yeah right.) we're practically twins!! well at least our computers look alike!!

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  1. i saw a washing machine on like 16th at some crappy house's yard sale and i was gonna see how much it was then decided that it was probably broken because the yard sale looked like just junkkk.
    i wondered how many goldfish would die haahaa. and if you had put them in the garbage disposal.
    dude if i was there i would so help you with a yard sale! that would be sooo fun!