Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what a day!

today was crappy. not the whole day just parts of it. like moses explosive diarrhea...and then while pulling into the grocery store my already broken tooth broke some more. it feels horrible. so then moses and i head into the store where my sister starts texting me about my birthday (witch i DO NOT want to talk about. i'm sick of everyone asking what is going on for my birthday. i just want someone to plan something and tell me when to show up) so i burst into tears in the grocery store so while trying to compose myself enough to check out we wondered for a good 20 min. and then...i get to the check out and WHY, WHY would my debt card work?? that's right i'm OUT of money!! luckily i had a credit card in my wallet and was able to get what i need and hold myself together (or at least until i got to the car).
moses is still not feeling well. but hopefully he'll sleep through the night and be better in the morning. my poor baby had to stay up until 9 (1 1/2 past bedtime) because of awana.

i have NO idea what to do about my teeth :/

oh well i think it's about time that i start praying about all this...

someday i'll find my camera and be able to post some pictures. but right now it's time for sleep.


  1. holy crap that was a horrible day..night??

    i love ya!!!

    i hope today is wayyy better!!!

  2. so far, so good. moses seems to be feeling better, but he was up at 5:30 this morning. but the sun is shining and things are looking up today!