Tuesday, March 31, 2009

spontaneous seattle trip

so this morning i went to do my weekly cleaning at frankie's and on my way home i was listening to the country station when i hear them saying that you could go online and print a coupon for $1 admission to the seattle aquarium. by the time i got home i decided that would be the perfect thing for us to do as a family before jake had to go to work this afternoon. so i got home and got all my boys out of bed and off we went.

solomon was just like me when i was a kid and he was ecstatic at the sight of seattle and especially the space needle

by far the coolest thing that we saw at the aquarium was the octopus. it even pooped while moses and were watching it (i have a picture of the poop too...but decided against posting it)

my own little two faced octopus. isn't it cute??

my boys checking out the fish over head. it was very cool.

jake trying to avoid my picture taking...i guess he did a pretty good job since this is the best picture that i got of him today.

me and my little big boys. i'm so happy that it was sunny while we were there.