Saturday, March 21, 2009

it was a very productive day!

first off i must say that although i got a TON done today i would've much rather gone to see my kaydee and jonathan at ikea. :( *sniff, sniff*

i was suppose to get a washer in the morning and go meet my (fellow bible school drop out) kaydee and her hubby jonathan...but at about 9:30 or 10 jake calls and says his parents are on their way to our house to do yard work and they were going to help me get the washer. *sigh* i knew that i should be happy to have the help(and quite frankly i needed it) but i feel my plans with kaydee are ALWAYS falling through and it's ALWAYS because of something that comes up on my end. so with a very heavy heart i called kaydee and broke the news to her :( i wanted to cry!!
but it's quite true that there is NO way i would've gotten the washer all by my self and gotten it hooked up correctly. so i am very thankful for my willing in-laws who i love dearly! another way that they were helpful today was that i was going to go get my shelves and i planned on taking the kids with me but my mother-in-law insisted that she stay behind with the kids so they wouldn't have to be in the car for over an hour...turns out i didn't measure quite right and there is NO way it would've all fit in my van with the kids in it!

so it turns out the day that i thought was ruined turned out to be very productive. but i am still sad that i don't get to see kaydee.

but here is what got done today:

#1. I GOT A WASHING MACHINE!!!! ($50 from the nicest couple off craigslist)
#2. old washer and dryer and LOTS of other junk taken to the dump (thanks to father-in-law)
#3. most of the yards edges week whacked (thanks again to father-in-law)
#4. moses got a nap (it was short but i was a nap)
#5. i got my laundry DONE!!! woohoo
#6. i got a few things hung up on the wall.
#7. i got the shelf i've been wanting/needing off craigslist. (the living room looks almost complete)

oh and the only way i got all of this written at this time of day is because my kids are at the park with their grandparents. it is so quiet in the house my ears are almost ringing. it's creepy...and i like it.

oh shoot i can hear them coming...

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  1. that's sad that you didn't get to see kaydee. but you got a crap load done!!! way to go becki!!