Friday, March 27, 2009

please let this be over!

so just when i thought moses was feeling better, just when i thought he might sleep through the night with out anymore diarrhea, just when i thought he was done all hit him at once. at about 11:30 last night (right as i was thinking about going to bed) he woke up cover in barf. so we washed him up and tried to put him back to bed...that wasn't working so i got him up and put on kung fu panda i figured he'd get tired soon enough, but then he barfed a little more and then started really whining like he was in some serious pain, so after a few more episodes and about 2 or 3 more diapers i decided to put him in the car and drive around. he LOVES being in the car. so after a nice 45 min drive around town he started whining again so i headed for home but was not quite fast enough and as we pulled in the driveway he exploded again. i got him changed again. by then he was falling asleep. so we put him in bed and tip-toed out of his room...he was quiet (yay) so we went to bed finally at 1:30 but we expected to be up several more times in the night...and we were wrong (yay again) the next thing i knew it was 8am (oh shoot i didn't set my alarm)
so far he seems to be feeling much better today (praise the Lord) he is eating like crazy and so far no poop & no puke. i am so thankful that God answers prayer. now hopefully He heard me when i said that solomon better not get this flu!! (just kidding God...sorta)
it is a very helpless feeling to have a sick baby and not be able to do anything for them. a feeling that i hope i don't have to feel for quite a while!

oh and dinner went pretty good last night. jake ate way to much cause he knew i would kill him if he didn't finish his food. i made yummy potatos and some veggie to go with it:
the banana bread could have been better but it was awful especially when it was warmed up with some butter on it!
i did just make some cupcakes for solly's class. they are celebrating his birthday today in class because his birthday falls on the thursday during spring break. and my cupcakes rock! they are so good!!!

i will try to remember to bring my camera to the "party".

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  1. That was a super crazyy! Poor Mosey!! Super glad he is feeling better.

    How was Solly's party??

    ps your dinner looks all fancy.