Thursday, December 10, 2009


i have the worst time making decisions on my own (seriously, ask my poor husband). so, i am asking for your help. as you've seen i'm sort of making my own little cupcake business. nothing major. just really making cupcakes for friends and stuff. but, i figured if i had cards and a name it might help. so i've been working on some business cards today (free ones from totally recommend them!) so please vote and help me make up my mind!!

★with fake info...for obvious reasons!★

card #1: i added some cute little titles and things to this one because this one just seemed to have more room. i kinda like the brown too...
card #2: pretty and plan. no witty titles. just the plan info...
ALSO! jake put doubt in my mind when he came up with his own name for my cupcakes. i've been calling them BB cupcakes but he liked BB cakes and now i like them both so much i can't decide between the two...HELP!!! so please leave a comment and cast your vote for favorite business card & favorite name. thanks!!!!


  1. I really like them both but I'm leaning towards the plain one, and BB cakes could be misleading it might sound like you make actual cakes not cupcakes so I would stick with BB cupcakes.

  2. BB Cakes is way better cause you could revolutionize the way people see cupcakes. They would call them BB Cakes instead of cupcakes. I like the top card the best, it looks like you know what you are doing.

  3. Cupcakes are all the rave right now. they seriously have stores in big cities where they only sell cupcakes. i need a cupcake right now.
    i like BB cakes. but it is true that people may think you do cupcakes, which could be confusing.
    but if you put homemade cupcakes all over it, that would be help. also- you should say: specializing in homemade cupcakes. sounds fancy.
    or unique homemade cupcakes.
    and then maybe say something like:
    cupcake catering is available.
    too many ideas.
    but the top one, brown is awesome.
    this should have been an email.

  4. i like the top one best (:
    and uh it's hard to decide i like bb cakes because its cute and since on the top card you have bb cupcakes homemade cupcakes..that says cupcakes twice so if you had bb cakes homemade cupcakes that sounds real good to me.

    side note i like that your email address is

  5. I definitely like the top one best :)

  6. Hmmmmm......I like both cards. I think the second one may be my favorite. I LOVE BB cute!