Thursday, December 10, 2009

rollin with my homies

on monday i got to do something very rare. i went shopping with my sister, rachel, and my mom...without any kids. it was a strange yet fun experience. we went to the mall (a foreign place to me these days) and then to fred meyer (a little more familiar to me) and then we ate some yummy mexican food together.
me and my little/big
my mama
(who hates having her picture taken)

we had some fun...and i only wish i could get the picture i took on my sisters phone cause it was about the best laugh we had all day long. it's something we should do more often and with about 3 or 4 more hours....

★ ★ ★

then later in the day the boys and i headed over to my moms house to play and do some crafts. (and so we could see her house all decorated for chirstmas) and let me tell mama knows how to have fun with little kids. she just makes a huge mess and sits down right in the middle of it.
i don't any other grammy that gives horsey rides like my mom (at least not on hardwood floor...ouch, i'm not sure i'd even do that)
at the begining of summer we went to republic with jakes parents for a few days and the ground there was littered with beautiful pine cone. my mother-in-law had insisted we pick up a bunch and take them home so we could make crafts out of them for chirstmas. instead of coming over and doing the crafts with us she just bought some supplies and left us to figure out what to do with them. solomon was really interested in the whole process...for about 10 minutes and then i was left by myself. here are a few
our penguin ornament:
(my personal favorite)

& i made a few for my mom to hang in her window:
we have some others but their not quite done. we also have about 10-15 plain ones left that we plan on spreading peanut butter on and the roll in bird seed to make bird feeders (i'm sure those birds are about starving in the freakishly cold weather we've been having)

p.s. sorry it took so long little/big. and sorry it's so short. that's what happens when i wait 3 days to write about something. i forget everything i was going to write...cause i'm old and forgetful.
love you xoxo


  1. Shopping is truely the bee's knees :D

  2. Shopping is a hassle. It's not Christmas shopping unless you bring the kids with you by the way. Wait, I guess you did bring your sister with you, I guess that counts.

  3. Yeah that's a good idea, bring the kids CHRISTMAS shopping so they can see all the presents you buy them!