Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Tannenbaum

the dreaded day is tree day. i'm pretty sure if i didn't have my boys i would not have this thing in my house right now, i'd be skipping christmas all together this year. but, alas the show must go on... so off we went today to find a tree.
we ended up going to a lot where an overly helpful girl helped us pick out a tree in 3.5 seconds, so i didn't have time to take pictures of the picking out process. but i did snap a picture before we hit the road (and might i say, it's a miracle that this tree stayed on the roof, jake and i are not what you would call "tie down experts")
i would like to know why i always get stick putting on the lights!?!? oh well, at least it looks fabulous now.
step 1: lights
grandma (jakes mama) was here to help today too!
step 2: candy canes
oh yes, grandpa was also here...although a little less helpful than grandma
step 3: ornaments
(or ottomans as solly keeps calling them)
all done. moses has been fighting every urge to pull everything off the tree (starting with the candy canes, of course) having his train under the tree helps distract him.
step 4: take a nap!
no presents, but we do have our train!
yeah, yeah its smells wonderful and it looks great! but in a few week i'll have to fight everything off the tree and back into boxes and then i'll have a tree carcass to deal with. i promise i really am getting into a chirstmasy mood...


  1. i love your tree i have ALWAYS wanted to have a real tree. they are pretty (:

  2. It was such a great time getting a tree and hanging out together all day! I love my family and I love Christmas time!!