Saturday, December 5, 2009

some fun

it has been a beautiful week here in the 'claw (beautiful but, freeeezzing!!) i wish that i had a better camera so that i could capture some of it a little better.
mt. rainier with the fog rolling in:
the moon was gorgeous this night.
(my camera does NOT do it justice)
the next morning jake and i were doing one of our favorite thing, driving around. we came across a field of elk. it was pretty amazing.
moses does not like the sun in his eyes
(don't let that smirk fool you)
this week i went to the Victorian Country Christmas Festival with my 'sister' and mom. we had lots of fun just wandering around looking at all the christmasy (and some not so christmasy) things.
then i ate my first ever Piroshky. it's russian pastry filled with mean and cheese. it was pretty good...although, it really could've used some sour cream!
mmmm, meaty
and i had a cow chip cookie for the first time in probably 15 years! i was pretty great. and let me tell you, no one was happier than chiara:
it's going to be a fun/busy weekend. parades, christmas tree, in-laws...tons of fun! the weather is even suppose to hold out and keeping being wonderfully cold!


  1. "what's a piroshky?"
    "it's dough; stuffed with meat!"

    {a veggietales' christmas}

    sorry your piroshky just reminded me of my all time favorite CD

  2. those pictures look so nice i want to see the real thing.

    the meat thing you had yeah that didn't look so good.

    and chiara looks overly excited haha.