Thursday, December 3, 2009

wish list:

just in case anyone asks this year i want to be ready. i can always think of a million things i would like to have throughout the day, but as soon as someone asks me my mind is blank so here it goes.

★ grey's anatomy season 4 & 5 on DVD

★ a new DVD player

★ new cupcake pans (that can fit side by side in the oven and still allow the oven door to close)

★ gift certificates are always welcome (no matter how "impersonal" people think they are. i SO enjoy them because i NEVER have money to spend on myself and i love to shop)

★ disney pixar greatest CD (yes, this would be for me more than the boys!!)

★ wii fit plus with balance board

★ a makeover-clothes, shoes & a haircut

★ ★ ★

come to think of it, i go blank when people ask me what my kids want maybe i should work on a list for them too!!! (sorry jake, you're on your own)

★ pretty much anything video game related (especially mario)

★ books, books and more books (if it seems like it's about 2 years too advanced for his age...then it's perfect!)

★ giant nerf sword

★ he really wants more stupid bakugan's....but we could really (really) live without anymore of those things in our house!!

★ garfield books: odie unleashed, garfield's guide to everything, in dog years i'd be dead & garfield's book of cat names.

★ star wars collection on DVD

★ legos

★ books


★ any disney pixar DVD (including the short film collection)

★ anything that has anything to do with trains

★ a new wall-e sweatshirt (4T)

★ geotrax radiator springs set from costco

★legos (duplo)

don't worry, i have not forgotten the real meaning of christmas!


  1. i love it!!
    wish lists are honestly haard to think of. haha.

    ps do you still get that free haircut??

  2. Merry Christmas you filthy animal.

  3. Thats a really great list...but what if we wanted to buy something for Jake?????

  4. you already get to get a haircut i'm not getting you that ;] ;]

  5. oops, i forgot to mention that jake is on his own. because he either won't tell me what he wants...or when he does tell me it's $300+ but, if you really did want to get him something i could think of a few things.