Tuesday, April 20, 2010


while sitting in the back yard with moses and jake on a beautiful sunday afternoon i noticed two things (one thing i already knew and one thing was brand new information)

1st: my son is ADORABLE!!

see what i mean?

2nd: i can see mt. rainier from my back yard!!!!
(who cares if it's a bit of an odd view!?! it's still beautiful!)
have i ever mentioned how much i love living where i live? cause i love it. sure it's not a perfect dream house...and certainly not a perfect neighborhood. but, it's still pretty great!

p.s. i love my new computer. maybe i'll blog about that next


  1. moses is adorable!! and i didn't know you could see mt.rainier from your backyard crazy!!

  2. That IS a great view! I bet it's even better from the front yard! ;)