Tuesday, June 28, 2011

up, up and away!!

i am lucky enough to have a brother that flies cute little airplanes. after about a year of nagging we finally got a chance to go for a ride with him. this was boy solomon & moses' first times EVER flying!!

solly (hold his flat stanley) & mojo
excited & ready to fly!!

mama & mojo ready for takeoff

uncle andy & solly waiting our turn for takeoff

out house is right about dead center in this picture!

deep lake!!

while i was sweating and ready to hurl moses was just chillin out (while yodeling & singing twinkle twinkle christmas star...what a weirdo!)

turns out (despite the smile) solly was feeling green as well

through the tad bit of motion sickness (no one actually hurled) we had a GREAT time!! we got to fly over our house, solly's school/friends house, grammy's house and our whole town!!

THANK YOU uncle andy for the best day of summer vacation so far!!!

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