Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i know, i know

i've been on another blogging hiatus...but not so much by choice. i killed my computer :( i tripped over the cord and sent it sailing across the room and now it takes a good 20 minutes to get it running and even then it doesn't last long. so, i am stuck using jakes work computer.
my birthday is coming up so i'll be asking for cash and i will start saving for a new computer.

so, since the last time i blogged here's whats new:

★ we finally fully moved and are all settled. i'll try to get pictures soon...

★ I'M AN AUNT AGAIN...well sorta. kaydee had her baby & i am in love!! little mr. liam christopher arndt was born (AT HOME! go kaydee!) at 7:54am on january 28th at a whopping 7lbs. 13 oz. & 20" long.
i got to go visit him when he was 6 days old (and again at almost 3 weeks old) he is such a sweet little guy. moses is also in love with his new baby!

★ rose officially lives with us!! she has been with us since monday and it feels totally normal to have her here :) (oh and did i mention she has a BOYFRIEND!?! oh yes, she does!) OH and she's looking for a job (and a SUPER cheep or free car)

★ jake is settling into his new schedule at his new location.

★ i just got all my teeth fixed up today (mostly...they're at least patched together and should last me a few years)

that's all i can think of for now. hopefully i can keep up on my blogging from now on. (no promises)

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  1. i like your blog.
    just wanted to share that.
    also, how did you make that signature?