Tuesday, January 19, 2010

home sweet home(s)

*sigh* moving is hard. our move should be easy...moving from one side of a duplex to the other should be a no brainier...especially when the units are a mirror image of each other. but when you want to cut down on clutter & get rid of most of the stuff being stored in the garage that = NO FUN. i'm loving the new place. i just wish i could get rid of about 60% of our "stuff" and i just might. so for now i'm having to run over for this or that. because we don't have everything moved over yet. solomon keeps saying "can we go to the house we used to live in and look for (insert missing toy here)" and moses is still calling are 'new' house "bobs house" (the name of our landlord) it's been inserting so far...and i'm sure it will just keep on getting weirder. if only i could find my camera in this mess....

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