Friday, January 1, 2010


so just a few hours ago it was moses half birthday...i kinda forgot :/ i know, i know. it's just a half birthday. but, i have been so diligent about celebrating them this (or last) year. oops.

★ ★ ★ ★

so, here's to 2010. i hate "resolutions" but, here are a few of mine anyways:

★ seek God more. everyday. He's so faithful to me, i just want to be more faithful to Him.

★ be a better friend. i feel like i have become a flaky friend over this past year and i WILL change that this year.

★ be healthier. i have so many things at my disposal to live a healthy life (including a brain that knows eating chocolate at 11 pm is a no, no!)

★ get organized. i used to be so good. but just the thought of the garage & hall closet (or any closet in my house for that matter) makes me nuts.

happy new year blogging world.


  1. If you pay me to quit my job I'll help you with all these things ( not that I have any of these qualities)! I think I might be a crazy person because organizing your house just sounds so fun to me right now!

  2. Sounds like a plan babe. I am on the same track as you right now.

  3. you have good new years resolutions!!
    i totally forgot to make even one!