Friday, January 8, 2010

i'm baaaack!!!

alright, brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one. we're going WAY back to december 21st and then all the way back to today. (keep in mind. i put captions above my pictures)

dec. 21st.- the lovey brothers at their best. it might look like solly is squishing moses...but, really moses took brother down!
dec. 23.- we went out and enjoyed the christmas ship festival. it was cold but fun
as you can see. solly had fun:
moses & i just tried to stay warm:
dec. 24th- i grew up always getting stocking on christmas eve (mainly because we didn't believe in santa clause) so i have passed this onto my kids (and hubby).
dec. 25th- a full day of christmas for us! 3 christmas' in one day. starting with a nice quiet family, pj, present opening at home:
and then onto my parents. with about 18 of my family members.
and then we finished up our day with a trip up to jakes parents on whidby island where we spent the night. all in all the boys had an amazing christmas!
dec. 26th- we headed home. the view from the ferry dock:
jan. 1st- moses learned to take pictures of himself!! these are some of my favorite shots of him:

jake also learned how to use the camera :)
jan 2nd- one of my close friends had a baby shower...and of course i made cupcakes!!
the prettiest mama to-be that i know!!
jan. 3rd.-jake and i went to put the boys to bed...and we found them cuddled together in solly's bed reading books together!!
and it just kept getting cuter!
and once they were in bed rose, luke, jake & i played monopoly...i think rose is still confused!:
(we won't talk about who won...again!)
jan. 7th- i went to keep my pretty sister company while she was at work!!! isn't she adorable?!:
jan. 8th- my boys were invited to a friends birthday party today. it was during school so, being the cool mom that i am. i let solly skip. the boys had a GREAT time. it was at a gymnastics place so they got out a LOT of energy!

& they also had a blow up mega slide!!! moses is the blur at the end of the slide:
and there is solly as a blur!:
(i think it's time for a new camera)
poor solly did suffer a minor injury while at the party, there was a rope swing there and he walked right in front of a girl and got kicked in the neck...ouch!
we had a wonderful christmas break! but, i am happy to be a week back into our normal schedule!! and hopefully i can get back to my regular blogging...cause i know you've all missed my "exciting" life.


  1. WOWAH you have gone awhile without blogging!

    that was so many pictures!!

    i want three christmas' haha.

    i love the pictures of solly and moses on solly's bed they are super cute!!

    and monopoly is a confusing game!!

    ps that gymnastics place looks kinda exactly like gymnastics plus.

    glad you're back!!

  2. I like all the cuddeling pictures
    Congratulations to Jake for learning how to take pictures
    Rose don't feel bad I don't understan monopoly either
    Solly looks like a bad ass with his war wound
    Not trying to be a neagative nancy but I hate that picture of me.
    Alos the slide looks really fun and the cupcakes look delish.
    Love you

  3. That whole time was lots of fun, but exhausting. I am glad we are back to normal, kind of. Now we need to get rid of your teeth so we can have fun once again. Thank God for tax returns...