Sunday, January 10, 2010

another try

as you may know, we've been trying to get a somewhat decent family snapshot for quite a while. we actually only have one decent "family" picture and in that picture we're sitting in the back of our van watching fireworks when moses was about 3 or 4 days old (so, you can imagine how wonderful i look....) so we're were at a friends house the other day and it was a beautiful back ground...and we were all there...i just happened to have a camera & there was an extra person there to take a picture.
now, if my camera was just a little more than an ancient piece of garbage, then it might be pretty good. but, it's better that nothing!!
(ps thanks bryn for taking the picture!!!)

oh yes, there was also this picture that we took over the summer...when it was about 90ยบ outside and as you can see jake was "super happy" about taking this picture. although it is good to look back on this picture...because i think we've lost some weight since then!
(ps rose thanks for the effort on this one. but you just can't polish a turd)


  1. You guys look great! Family picture.... now what an idea :)