Sunday, July 3, 2011

Par-Tay time.

to celebrate moses' birthday we had a nice big family birthday party. with pretty much just our family we had a whopping 25 people in our tiny house. it was crazy. it was hot. it was perfect.

i had found an idea for a cake that was prefect for moses about 7 months ago and i am happy to say that i think it turned out better than the original. i finished it late the night before the party so in the morning moses was very excited to see it. once he saw it he just wanted to stare at it for along time. it was very cute.
moses just lookin' at his cake:

before the party started i let moses put his toys on the cake:

opening his presents:

one last shot of the cake before it was time to eat it:

"happy birthday deeear mooosseess...":

moses doing his "ta-da" pose:

after everyone left the boys played so well together:
and then we went out to dinner as a family and moses just HAD to bring along his new "suit case" full of his new toys (while wearing his new headlight flashlight) he is such a goof ball!!
in this picture he was noticing in his reflection that i had turned off his headlight and was trying to fix that little problem:

it was a pretty great day. full of all my favorite people celebrating my favorite little moses. 

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