Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer craziness

it seems like every year i think to myself "once summer starts things will calm down" that NEVER happens. it's calm for the first day or two and then the craziness begins. this year it's mainly just solomons activities like; swimming lessons, vbs & art camp. i am so glad that he gets to do all these things it's just a lot of things to coordinate along with moses in tow, jakes new job & me trying to cram a few work days in there too. so my blog will be even fewer and farther between. so all you get for today is a pretty cool picture of solly at swimming lessons (i caught him just as he came down the slide kinda looks like he's just sitting on the water.

oh i suppose i should mention that we also got not one but TWO puppies. little 8 (almost 9) week old girl puppies. yes i have lost my mind. but look at these faces:
carrots & ramona (don't ask)
so thats that. the breece summer in a nut shell.

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