Sunday, April 3, 2011

birthday #3

we're finally done celebrating solomon's birthday. i guess i should enjoy it pretty soon he'll just want cash and for me to leave him alone on his birthday...but what an exhausting couple of days!

it's nice to see that solomon has a lot of people who love him so much! most of our family came over today and we partied till we [were] pooped!
opening presents:

WOAH! $10 for sweet necessities:
(guess who's taking mama out for some ice cream)

ice cream cake at solomon's request
(hey that's less work for mama)

moses thinks all these cool new thing are his too
luckily solomon is a good big brother & shares!

oh yes, and baby lucy made it to the party today too.
what a good little goose!

i am very ready to be done with birthdays for a while. (don't worry rachel, i'll be ready to party by your bday)

i would like to give a big shout out to everyone who came out to celebrate my baby boy today THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!!

*          *          *          *

this week is spring break for solomon. i am looking forward to sleeping in & we're going to whidbey island for a few days. the in-laws are wonderful and it's always such a relaxing time!


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  1. Looks like he had a great day! Sorry I missed it but Ill run his card over soon!