Monday, April 25, 2011

sun, soda & squeaks

saturday was a beautiful day...but i had a lot of house cleaning to do to get ready for easter. so while i was busy in the kitchen my boys we're getting into BIG trouble in the garage. moses found pliers and an old case of root beer and squeezed 5 cans of pop until they burst and in the end there was a lake of root beer in my garage. (oh, this all happened while solomon was sitting RIGHT there) they were BOTH in HUGE trouble.
just part of the mess:

just one of the cans (with some mess in the background)

the only thing that kept me from losing it was the warm sun when we went out to vacuum the car the car thermometer told me it was SEVENTY DEGREES!!! yay for spring

then while finishing my cleaning i found a mini choclate bar behind a chair in the living room (it's pretty much where the boys build forts and hide when they're eating candy that they're not suppose to have) so upon closer inspection i noticed that there were VERY little teeth marks in super duper a MOUSE! gross! i must have some FAT mice in my house. time for some more traps!

*          *          *

easter turned out to be rainy but we made the best of it. with church and lots of family time. i got the boys little baskets (and then my mom got them HUGE baskets) but i loved these pictures of the boys getting their baskets when the first woke up.
solly's face is so cute & i love their sleepy hair

i love, love, love moses hair. man, he NEEDS a haircut in a bad way!

*          *          *

i'm getting out of my funk and starting to feel more human again. more like a mom. more like a wife. more like i can take on the world.

thank you for your prayer. God is working on me.


  1. Oh those boys! I did laugh a little thinking they didn't just open them but instead squeezed them until they popped:) Boys! Love you!

  2. Boys are stinkers - all of them ;)