Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a couple days away

i just had a nice couple days away with just my little boys. we left my poor hubby spend a few days with HIS parents.
i was sicker than a dog the day we left. after all those parties and spreading myself too thin all week i woke up monday morning with a horrible sinus headache and a scratchy throat. but we had plans so off we went.

this car cheered me up while i was waiting for the ferry:
yes, that says:!!

it was such a gloomy day...such a gloomy couple of's been such a gloomy couple of weeks!!
but the weather was fine with me i spend most of my time napping and helping my mother in law with a puzzle.

solomon had packed along some of his birthday plunder. and he was very proud that he built his star wars lego set all BY HIMSELF (this is a big deal because i usually always help him)

very proud!:
since it was so gloomy my [wonderful] mother-in-law (a.k.a. "grandma") set up tables for the boys to play/eat at...and they were even pointed at the tv. one table for each of them!
so smart!:

the tables for the boys were also set up because my mother-in-law and i were working on a puzzle (why, yes! i do know that i live the life of an elderly woman with young children) but this puzzle was special because she bought it because it looks almost exactly like moses and her dog, daisy!! it is the worlds hardest puzzle. and i should know. i've done a LOT of puzzles.

we also went and had lunch at my most favorite chinese restaurant...i'm not sure why it's my favorite, it's kind of odd and has terrible service...but the food is all worth it i suppose

today i woke up feeling like myself again and missing my husband. thank goodness it was time to come home. after working on the puzzle some more and watching the snow fall (that's right! SNOW in april...during spring break!) we headed out on our long journey home. it would've taken only an hour if we didn't have to wait for the ferry.
but we made the most of it by picking our cars on the freeway that we thought might be transformers and then deciding which ones were autobots (good guys) and which ones where decepticons (bad guys). there was one black car that followed us most of the way on the freeway and we were sure it was after us

decepticon? i think YES!

it was a fun getaway. but i'm glad to be home. now, if that hubby of mine would get home everything would be perfect!!


  1. I seriously thought you had had that puzzle made before I read on! He looks just like Moses! And what a fun game to play on the way home!

  2. Oh my goodness that looks exactly like Mosey!