Monday, April 4, 2011

i love lucy

i just realized that i never officially introduced you (my blog friends) to my beautiful niece, Lucy.

she was born the day before thanksgiving and i had the honor of being right there when she was born. she is the only baby i have witnessed being born (besides my own) and it was pretty much the greatest thing i've ever seen (besides the birth of my own)

she came out just perfect with a full head of hair and she continues to steal the heart of everyone she meets!

Lucy on her birthday:

my boys fell in love INSTANTLY! and then still adore her. she will be well protected by her big cousins when she gets older.

moses and his "baby woucy":
(about 12 hours old)

i think if my sister let him...he'd just keep her:

she is rarely fussy. a dream baby:
(about 3 weeks)

she is so funny!
(about a month & 1/2)

she is so cute
(and her auntie is awesome)
(just over 2 months)

she can pull of sleeping with her mouth hanging open!
(almost 4 months)

and she's even cute with spit-up/drool on her chin!
(4 & 1/2 months)

i get to watch her a few days a week and it's just enough to get my baby fix so that i'm not too tempted to have another one.

thank God for babies!


  1. She is so cute! I love that she has a ton of hair, I wish my babies had more hair. I have little baldies.

  2. Super cute! It still blows my mind seeing a baby with that much hair!