Saturday, November 21, 2009 a cup!

they're DONE!! it was really pretty easy (compared to the 300+ i made a few months back) it went so well i felt like maybe something should go wrong. but, all was well.
and here they are!
i was done almost 24 hours before they were to be delivered. i was so happy with how quickly it went. i got my messed all cleaned...
and then i walked into the living room... this is what happens when daddy watches the boys and mama is busy.
all tucked in and ready to go
i even put my logo to use:
it turned out pretty good.
they had LOTS of leftovers. (there were 100 cupcakes and like 30 guests...) so i guess its a good thing thanksgiving is just around the corner so they can feed them to family & friends.
solly helped me deliver them & then we went out for a little date to use his Book-it coupon at Pizza Hut. we had a lot of fun!

after getting home and getting the house all clean we all went to the craft fair in town. it wasn't great, but i did get a great idea for cupcakes...stay tuned for that.
i am spending my last night over at my moms with my grandma tonight. i'm happy to be able to help. but i'll be more happy when i can sleep in my own bed, snuggle up to my man & not use an entire tank of gas in less than a week.


  1. Yum! Those look delicious! I'm so jealous....I wish I could make pretty stuff like that : )

  2. Glad you are finally home and you brought BB CAKES!!!! Now be nice!

  3. yum your cupcakes look amazing! looking at them makes me want one!
    your logo added to the boxes made them look soooo cute! i love it!!! and good choice for ribbon color!! ;)
    one thing i don't know if i could handle is the aftermath hah i would hate cleaning up after so many cupcakes.
    solly and mosey look like they were having a party! it's kinda funny.
    i love that you had a little date with solly ((: he looks sooo happy!