Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving round 2: breece style

the breece thanksgiving was a huge success. jake and are make a pretty good cooking/hostess team (if i do say so myself)
our appetisers
(notice there is NO candy involved)
jake and i had told everyone that the food would be ready by 2. and by 2:02 we were all dished up and chowing down. and the turkey wasn't too bad (we had never cooked a turkey before)
the breece men:
i cheated on dessert and bought my pies. but i also had some leftover cupcakes so we had tons of sugary goodness to serve up.
this is what jake gave his brother for dessert:
jake calls this "the breece special"
1 slice of pumpkin pie, 1 slice of apple pie, cool whip, ice cream, a cupcake & whipped cream
(yes, he ate it ALL)
the kids enjoying their dessert
(if you look closely you can see all 5 of them)
and then it was back to more playing. it was like lego land in the guest room. they all had a blast!
we had a great day. i would totally do thanksgiving at our house again next year!


  1. your thanksgiving looks more relaxed!!

    i hope it was a blast and not too exhausting!

    the food looks really good right now.

  2. That's the way you do Thanksgiving, good food and good people!