Monday, November 16, 2009

a few of my favorite things.

moses always wants to help daddy cook and jake found a new way for him to day that. grilled cheese anyone?
awww, this almost never happens anymore and the fact that he's holding a balloon makes it that much better!!
and solly, he knows how to be when it comes to being sick on the couch all day long. the gatorade, saltines, blankie, pillows, books, books and more books. i think it all helped him feel better!
it's been an off week (or two) this week just gets weirder...more to come on that.


  1. Good job blogging babe. Another one tomorrow too, ok?

  2. i love that mosey is holding a balloon!

    solly looks happy but you can really tell he doesn't feel well :(

    hah moses can reach the spices or wait do you keep them there?

  3. mosey is like ratitalouie (totally spelled that wrong by the way)

  4. OH MAN!!! rose, he totally is ratatouille!!! i never thought of that!!!!