Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i talked to a lady at church a month or two ago and she asked if i could do cupcakes for her daughters bridal shower, she told me the date i gave her my number to call me when the date got closer and then we didn't really see each other much after, i get a call on monday from her saying "hey! can you still do the cupcakes for this saturday?!?" of course i can and i will. i was just a bit caught off guard. so, i am gearing up to do 100 cupcakes for a shower on saturday.
i usually store, carry & transport my cupcakes in plastic cases that i buy from safeway, they're super cheep (75¢ a piece) and if they get left behind it's no big deal. but! the downside is people always say "oh wow, those are beautiful cupcakes! where did you buy them??" *gurrr* so i've come up with a little logo i put on the cupcake cases so that even if people think they're store bought at least they'll know they're NOT from a grocery store and at least think that they are from some fancy bakery :)
so here is what i came up with as my logo. it's not great, it needs work. but, i love the general concept of it.
★★UPDATE: (just for rose!) i am doing 4 different flavors! ★chocolate ★coconut ★strawberry ★white cake with raspberry filling!!★★
i went shopping today and got all my baking supplies as well as a frosting tip that i needed. when i got home i started searching through my kitchen looking for all my tips, bags, papers and other party supplies and i found them 3 different cupboards and a drawer. so, fed up with the hunt i did some thinking and came up with a great way to stay organized!!!
i swiped this sweet "toolbox" from the boys (don't worry it was in the back of a closet with random toys tossed in. it's not like it was a functioning for them...they'll never miss it) (OH and a special THANK YOU to ashley who bought this for solly a few years back! he got a lot of use out of it!! and now so will i)
it has handy compartments for my tips, colors & some random balloons!
the bottom part has enough room for all the bags, papers, candles and other decorations!!
OH! another big thanks to my big sister, anna. she spotted these boxes of cupcake papers at cash & carry a while back and told me about them. i went i picked some up today!! the regular size ones were $3.16 for 500 papers!!! (i normally buy 50 for $1.99 so this is quite a deal!) and then the mini papers were on special for the screamin' deal of $1.98 for 500!!! i won't be buying cupcake papers for a while but when i do i know where to get them!!!

★ ★ ★ ★

in other news. i dropped my parents off at the airport this morning. they're off to arizona for my grandmothers memorial service. so, i am house sitting for them...or, grandma sitting. she doesn't like to be alone at night (and i do not blame her one bit!!) so, the boys (jake too) and i will be back and forth from there and home until sunday. so with cupcakes and house sitting i will be one busy bee until saturday around 1. but, life is good!!


  1. what color are you doing the cupcakes?
    i love you little logo it's really cute and a good idea!

    you're a smart one the tool box was a brilliant idea. and yay for all your cupcake papers!! that is sooo many.

    p.s. don't forget bigfoot lives at your mom's and loves to knock on the windows at night soo be prepared with umm a camera and a baseball bat.

  2. Yeah I love the logo!!! And so glad the box is getting so much use. I personally think you should start your own business! Love you!

  3. "And thanks to Jake for putting up with the insanity because he loves me." I think that is what you were going to say, but you forgot. And, oh, yeah, your parents bedroom smells like mold.