Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving round 1: swineford style

we had a thanksgiving feast out at my moms house today. it's been probably 3 or 4 years since we've had a thanksgiving dinner with my family...and now i remember how long & weird it truly can be. but, we did manage to have fun.
this is my moms idea of appetisers:
(notice the candy to vegetable ratio)
my brother had sent our whole family a christmas present while he was in iraq a few years ago. and he had never seen it (he's been home almost a year) so, we busted out the sweet race track & all the boys (both big and small) had a blast with it.
it was all fun and games until grandma (80 years old) walked in and tripped over the track and fell- but, don't worry she seems to be just fine!
"race ya brudder!!"
then it was time to feast (an hour and half later than my mom had told us it would be ready...traditionally)
so there we are all 12 of us
(and we're missing about 6 people)
from the other side:
(still couldn't really get everyone in the same picture)
and then dessert of course:
then it was time for us to come home and start prepping for round 2: breece style
jake busting a move...
...while cutting the cheese!! haha
we're all ready to cram 11 breece's into our little house tomorrow and we're fully prepared to stuff them to the gills. stay tuned for more on that tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. that last picture just reminds me of lexie on grey's anatomy and gah yuck.
    but your feast looks like it was fun but hah a little crowded..
    ps i love your mom's idea of more sweets that veggies (:

    and i hope your grandma isn't sore that would suck.