Monday, November 30, 2009


saturday afternoon (while poor jake was working) i took the boys to my moms house. just to hang out. but, when we got there she remembered that she had gotten a gingerbread house kit for solly. but she realized that she didn't have very much candy to decorate it with. so, after a "quick" (nothing is quick with my mom) trip to the store (or three different stores) we were ready to start
solly's serious face
(notice the cute little house kit)
and the insane pile of candy:
(that's right, all for that one little house)
all constructed and ready for the decorator
"a gumdrop there..."
"...and a pretzel fence here"
moses was very "helpful"...well, someone had to taste all the candy!! (and cram the candy into a toy car...and feed the dog some i said very "helpful")
the finished house!!
the "kids" waiting to open presents:
"mommy" in her pumpkin garden:
(cause a gingerbread house is not complete without one)
and "daddy" is looking around checking things out:
solly keeps asking if it's time to start eating it. and i keep reminding him that we have about 12lbs. of the candy left over that he could eat...thanks a lot grammy.


  1. haha i LOVE IT! i wish i has a sweet gingerbread kit with all the candy too.
    is the snowman light up thing from hallmark?

    anyways ummm that gingerbread house is amazing to say the least.

  2. that house is awesome my friend! i am afraid Campbell is slightly to type A to handle that (if it isn't perfect he gets anxiety- lots of anxiety). And Mason wouldn't be as come as Moses- she'd be playing earthquake, all while Henry laughs like crazy at his siblings fighting.
    fun stuff.