Thursday, June 18, 2009

having a hoot at curlew

here we are almost a week later and i am finally going to tell (and show) you about our trip to republic to stay at curlew lake's fisherman's cove resort (the word "resort" is used very loosely) it is about a 6 hour drive from our house but with 2 little kids it took us more like 8 hours. only because we met up with jakes parents in leavenworth. first we hung out at a fruit stand/petting zoo place for about an hour and then we went out to lunch before hitting the road.

so nice to be out of the car!!

stretching those legs!

aww what a cute little apple!

he'd make a good farmer

leavenworth is a beautiful place!
so as the trip continued on we were really hoping to get a long nap out of moses...
...we got a nap out of him, but it only lasted about 45 minuets

and then finally we arrived in republic!!!
(of course it was another 10 min to our cabin)

going for a walk

hanging out in our cabin!

my little fisherman

fishing breece's

moses doesn't really care if he has his swimming trunks on or not!
he just jumped right in shoes, coat and all!

the bath in the sink was almost as much fun as the lake

the view from our cabin

solly and his grandma played a LOT of bored games all weekend long!

waiting to go fishing in the boat
(too bad he changed his mind once he got in the boat)

whats that? did jake catch a fish?
nope. just lake weed.

big mama driving the boat.

grandpa and solly roasting marshmallows
(a daisy in the background)

bored fisherman

solly and maya
(yes that's a pine cone in the dogs mouth, solly has one in his pocket too)
it was a really boring weekend. but that just what we were hoping for. it took jake a day to figure out how to just sit and enjoy himself. and now that we're home all he wants to do is go fishing. soon jake, soon.
it was nice to have a lot of family time. but it's even nicer to be home.

oh and of course we managed to spend a whole 4 days together without getting a single picture of the 4 of us together...some day.


  1. I did catch a fish, just remember that! It was nice being away and it is nice being home!

  2. that looks like fun!!

    i want to fish!!! i would catch a huge one!!

    your view was like amazing.

  3. Wow it looks like you guys did have a blast. I love fishing and most of all I love to be bored...I just can't remember the last time I was!