Thursday, June 25, 2009

mud mountain

jake and i had big plans to take the boys to mud mountain dam this morning for playing and swimming. but alas...the weather was kinda cold and cloudy. but we took them to play anyways (but skipped the swimming)

moses was having fun i swear!
(despite the gloomy face)


solly worked so hard to make it all the way across
(maybe next time)

the boys and i hiked down the the lower view point
this is what they do when i say "smile"
crazy kids!!

the dam

and we're heading back up!

moses got bored half way up

he looks like a little monkey in the zoo
we had a lot of fun. it was nice to get away from the house and do something different. and it's always nice to do stuff as a family.

now i'm just counting down the hours till saturday when i go to see ashley!! i cannot wait!!!


  1. How fun that you happened upon my blog! It's always fun to run into people you actually know : )

    I love Mud Mountain Dam. My kids have so much fun there!