Monday, June 22, 2009

l ♥ my teenage kids!

becca and anthony spend at least one day a week at my house...and that's fine with me. they are so entertaining not to mention helpful with moses!! today we had a mini party for solly's last day of kindergarten. after a while we ended up at the park where anthony decided to jump off the swings and becca thought she'd try to catch him (no, it didn't work) but it sure was funny to watch!

after the park we went and found the lego's out in the garage & my "4 youngest" enjoyed them for over an hour! (notice rose in the background...that's pretty much what her and i did while the "kids" played)

i'm pretty sure moses was just glad to have a whole group of people to play with him. i've never seen him sit for long and play with something. thank god for lego's!

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  1. You look amazing for having 5 kids:) Aren't you a little young to have such old children:)