Monday, June 1, 2009

it aint my birfday...

it may be rose's actual birthday today...but i am having a party for me! a pity party that is. i am missing friends. i am so thankful to have rose in my life and SO glad that she is visiting me on her birthday. but i can't help but think about my other friends lately... the ones that seem to busy for me, the ones that seem to live so far away that they stopped with the bother of trying to get together with me, and even the friends that i have not seen (and some that i have not talked to outside of facebook or email) in years. today (with the exception of my rose) i am missing my friends.
so today i say happy birthday heavy metal!!! and poor me :'(


  1. okay i think you should def start writing soaps!
    i love ya becki!!

    friends can be lame :( stupido!


  2. soap's? hummm...i like that idea. or maybe i should write a book. or maybe i should crawl under a rock and hide :(
    just kidding i'll be ok.

  3. I understand what you are feeling. At least you have a friend. I have my boys and you, and that's really it...that's enough for me I guess.

  4. ok, that last one was really from jake.

    and thanks babe! i'm glad i have you (and the boys) i love you!1